Friday 2 October        

 Virtual Singers and Musicians Night

  starts 8pm  (Zoom entry from 7:30) 

A chance to sing and play via Zoom, replacing our usual first-Friday-of-the-month singaround in the in the beautiful Barlow reading room during this Coronavirus season. This would have been the Festival weekend so expect something a bit special!

If you would like to join as a performer or as a member of the audience, please email Chris Nash on and he will email you a link on Friday.


Much as we would like to be together, Zoom does have some merits : -

  • you can just join using audio rather than video if you like

  • you can join in to play and harmonise to your heart's content while muted

  • you can use a microphone, speakers, headphones, equaliser if you have these

  • you can use your own drink and catering facilities 

  • you can have the words in front of you and no-one will know

  • you can put your chorus up on "chat" so that people can join in easily at home

  • you can take time out to feed the cats/wash up etc 

  • you can wear your slippers

Seriously, it's great fun and good to see everyone happily making music. The quality of performance has been excellent, so if you haven't tried it yet, give it a go.

If you are performing, Chris has details he can send you about how to make the most of your sound.

In the hope that 2021 proves to be a "normal" year, here is our schedule of third-Friday-in-the-month concerts. This list is subject to alteration at this stage. Click website or photo for links.

15 Jan    Harp & a Monkey


19 Feb   Alice Jones & Bryony Griffith



19 March   Kimber's Men

16 April   Harbottle & Jonas

21 May    Damien Barber &

                  Mike Wilson

18 June   Chris & Siobhan Nelson     

                   & Len Pentin

16 July     Wayward Jane

17 Sept    Belshazzar's Feast

15 Oct     Stanley Accrington

19 Nov    Mikey Kenney duo

17 Dec   Tim Edey Celtic Christmas

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  2021 CONCERTS  

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Friday 16 October

8pm Zoom concert with Jackie Oates