2022 CONCERTs  

21 Jan 22   Harp & a Monkey                  www.harpandamonkey.com

Harp and a monkey.jpg

18 Feb 22   Bryony Griffith & Alice Jones            www.bryonyandalice.com

        with Steve Canavan

Alice Jones.jpg

18 Mar 22  Kimber's Men                  www.kimbersmen.com

with Michelle Holding & Bonz

Kimber's Men.jpg

15 April 22  Wayward Jane  


with Sean Furlong

Wayward Jane3.jpg

20 May 22   Mike Wilson & Damien Barber               www.damienandmike.co.uk

                       with The Harty Family

Damien and Mike.jpg

17 June 22   Granny's Attic                 www.grannysattic.org.uk

        with Dandelion Train

Granny's Attic.jpg

15 July 22 Reg Meuross

     with Watch the Wall

Reg Meuross.png

16 Sept 22  JIB (Jim McGean, Ingrid & Barry Temple)

    with Tony Gibbons & Kate Bradbury

21 Oct 22 The Wilderness Yet


The Wilderness Yet.jpg

18 Nov 22 Merry Hell

            with Richard Moss

Merry Hell.jpg

16 Dec 22 Redmayne

    with The Matilda Trio



   Friday 4 Nov 2022 and Friday 2 Dec 2022     

 Singers and Musicians Night

  starts 8pm  

The ever-popular Folk at the Barlow singaround, featuring your songs, poems, tunes and stories. Everybody  welcome, and an especial "hello" to all the new friends we have met on Zoom. Bring your voices and instruments for a jolly old time. There is no ticket charge, but a collection is made to cover the hire of the room. It usually works out! At the moment, singarounds are held in the main Hall rather than the Reading Room to enable better distancing

Singaround dates 2022: 1 April, 6 May, 3 June, 1 July, 5 Aug, 2 Sept, 4 Nov, 2 Dec