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   Friday 6 August 2021       

 Live Singers and Musicians Night

  starts 8pm  (Zoom entry from 7:30) 

Our first time back in the Barlow for a singaround. This will take place in the Main Hall rather than the Bar (reading Room) in order to allow adequate distancing and air flow. It's a very exciting prospect after all this time, so fingers crossed that it can take place. All are welcome, and an especial "hello" to all the new friends we have met on Zoom. We hope that some of you can make it to our first live event for 18 months. Thank you to all Zoom contributors for keeping our spirits high with your music, songs and poems. So bring your voices and instruments for a jolly old time. There is no ticket charge, but a collection is made to cover the hire of the room. It usually works out!

   Friday 13 August 2021       

 Virtual Singers and Musicians Night

  starts 8pm  (Zoom entry from 7:30) 

A chance to sing and play via Zoom. It has been lovely to meet those from further afield during lockdown times.

So that you can still join us, we are having both a Zoom singaround and a live singaround (6th Aug) this month.

You are most welcome to join us as a performer or as a member of the audience. Please email Chris Nash on and he will email you a link on Friday.

If you receive the link automatically, don't forget to email him back if you would like to perform. The aim is to get "round the room" twice. These sessions have been very popular though, so if it turns out to be just once please bear with us and enjoy the quality and variety of music. 

The merits of Zoom are well known now:-​

  • no matter how far away from Lancashire you are, you can still join us

  • you can just join using audio rather than video if you like

  • you can join in to play and harmonise to your heart's content while muted

  • you can use a microphone, speakers, headphones, equaliser if you have these

  • you can use your own drink and catering facilities 

  • you can have the words in front of you and no-one will know

  • you can put your chorus up on "chat" so that people can join in easily at home

  • you can take time out to feed the cats/wash up etc 

  • you can wear your slippers

Seriously, it's great fun and good to see everyone happily making music. The quality of performance has been excellent, so if you haven't tried it yet, give it a go.

If you are performing, Chris has details he can send you about how to make the most of your sound.



AUGUST is never a regular month, so please see above for what is happening

   First Friday - Singaround   

Zoom singarounds, first Friday of the month 8pm.

In "normal" times, Folk at the Barlow run a monthly folk music singaround on the first Friday of the month. This starts at 8pm, takes place in the Reading Room (otherwise known as the bar) at the Barlow, and there is a collection taken which will hopefully cover the hire of the room. However, in pandemic times, we have gone online using Zoom. 

Our 6th August singaround may be held in the Barlow main hall (not online but in person). If this happens, we will be keeping safety considerations uppermost, so there may have to be a restriction in numbers to facilitate social distancing. We are continually monitoring the Covid situation and  have to follow the Barlow Health & Safety guidelines, liaising with them about how the guidelines affect our events.

   Third  Friday - Concert   

Zoom concerts, third Friday of the month 8pm.

Also in normal times, there is a concert on the third Friday of each month, featuring two "spots" by a guest act, usually of national acclaim, and one spot from a support act, always talented and usually local. All this is preceded by a jolly bashing out of tunes by the house band, kicking off at 7:40pm. The concert starts at 8pm. Tickets are usually priced at £10 each. However, we are not allowed to sit together, blow instruments or sing communally at the moment so regrettably all this isn't happening. But watch the Home and Future Events pages as we are managing to put on some concerts via Zoom. See the Past Events page for the Zoom concerts we have hosted so far this year. 



Please note there is no concert in August. We have our "Showcase" instead. There is a possibility that this will be held in The Barlow. We will know better after 19 July.