Friday 15 January 2021 

 Zoom concert with George Sansome

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Folk at the Barlow started the year by welcoming young British traditional folk singer and guitarist George Sansome. George's expressive and thoughtful rendition of traditional song is complemented by his sensitive and accomplished guitar accompaniments. With styles ranging from the wildly energetic to the deeply contemplative, George is a great exponent of what is best in traditional music. Something in his delivery reminds me of Tony Rose. George is blessed with a beautiful voice and seems to be able to change its timbre to suit the particular song, which is a special gift. He is of course a third of the dynamic and greatly-acclaimed folk trio Granny's Attic and is responsible for a lot of their on-stage energy! His debut solo album, entitled George Sansome, has been launched this year and can be purchased from the Granny's Attic website.

George has a strong association with our club as his Aunty Lesley is a member. We hope to see him or the trio in the flesh in the real world soon!

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Click image to buy George's new album

Friday 19 February 2021 

GreenMatthews online concert

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Our second 2021 concert was from the living room of Chris Green and Sophie Matthews, in front of a roaring fire! Chris and Sophie are talented multi-instrumentalists and modern-day balladeers who specialise in telling stories through song. They play English traditional songs and tunes in a thoroughly 21st-century kick-ass style. Using a beguiling blend of ancient instruments such as cittern, English border bagpipes and shawm as well as modern folk instruments such as guitar, flute and piano accordion, Chris and Sophie breathe new life into material from hundreds of years ago, making it fresh, relevant and accessible for a modern audience. Also known for their popular themed touring shows, GreenMatthews have built an enviable reputation for combining incisive wit and humour with a genuine love for the English tradition. They have a particular passion for 18th- century ballads and dance tunes – several of which have been unearthed by Chris from various libraries around the country and which are now being performed again for the first time in two hundred years. They also perform original songs which draw on their wealth of historical research to paint a fascinating picture of individual lives and stories from England’s past. They last performed at the Barlow in 2016 when they did the Christmas show as Blast from the Past, so we are all looking forward to seeing them again.

You guys are awesome!” Bill Barclay (Director of Music at Shakespeare’s Globe)

Mirie It Is

One of the oldest songs in the English language, dating from the mid 13th century. Performed by Sophie Matthews (voice, shawm) and Chris Green (voice, mandocello). From the touring show "A Brief History of Music".

Friday 19 March 2021 

8pm John & Virginia Kettle online concert

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Come on, England




John and Virginia Kettle are part of the folk-rock  band Merry Hell who have been busy in lockdown producing a new album "When We Meet Again" to add to an already formidable array of excellent albums. A Merry Hell concert is an unforgettable and joyous experience. Their songs are optimistic, thought-provoking,  often moving or humorous. In short, songs with purpose. Their concerts are full of energy, great fun and a tonic for lifting the spirits.

The core of band consists of lead vocalist Virginia, her husband John and his two brothers. 

Merry Hell were one of the bands booked for 2020 Folk at the Barlow.

Virginia has also very recently released a solo album "No Place Like Tomorrow" so maybe we'll hear some items from this too.

Friday 16 April 2021 

8pm Harbottle & Jonas online concert 

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When we wake in the morning

The Beacon

There are tunes/songs linked to these photos. Have a look at their website as well.

And lots of great albums to buy  at

One of the finest folk duos in the country” Mike Davies, Alternative Roots.

Partners in life and music, dynamic Devon duo Dave Harbottle & Freya Jonas combine a love of the richness of traditional folk with their own original and powerful songwriting. Their latest albums are "The Sea Is My Brother" (2019), which has a maritime theme maintained across political, historical, and personal stories and songs, and "The Beacon"(2021) written during this surreal  lockdown year. After eighteen months of touring with ‘The Sea is my Brother’  the enforced period of calm which prompted the writing of "The Beacon" was, in their own words: “a journey of discovery, that has taught us the importance of love, compassion and empathy, whilst discovering the needs and delights of our inner creature”. It is an album of hope and new beginnings. Much like the beacons of old that served as a warning with flaming fires, Harbottle & Jonas hope that their new collection of songs written during this period in our history will encourage us to reflect, adapt and sing together once more.


Combining the rich traditions of folk music with original and contemporary interpretations through a blend of closely intertwined vocal harmonies. Each song has been carefully written and researched, and is always accompanied with a great story and a good degree of humour - however macabre the content may be. Their songs cover a range of social, political and historical issues. Harbottle & Jonas sing about family, villages swept into the sea, polar expeditions, historical characters and peculiar narratives.  Their music is original and unique. It is performed with integrity and on instruments that include the concertina, harmonium, banjo, stompbox, acoustic guitar and dobra. They receive regular national airplay on the BBC2 Folk Show and BBC6 Music.