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  10th Edgworth Folk Festival 1 - 3 Oct 2021  

           2021 Festival Guests          
Fest 2018 - 7.jpg

Mark Dowding

Talented singer and player of guitar, banjo and concertina drawing on a huge and varied repertoire


Stanley Accrington

Comical and witty author and purveyor of poems, pastiches, parodies and pertinent patter, perhaps with a pinch of pathos


Michelle Holding and Bonz

Dynamic duo of multi-instrumentalists, with striking and distinctive vocals, performing wide-ranging material

Ashcroft and Johnston.jpg

Catherine Ashcroft and Steve Johnston

Traditional irish music on the Uileann pipes and much more 


Corrie Shelley

Alluring vocals, moving and inventive self-penned songs from Lancashire singer-songwriter

Tenth Anniv Showcase - 20.jpg

Watch the Wall

Thoughtful self-penned songs along with traditional Celtic music


Nick Dow

Relaxingly smooth renditions of mostly traditional songs-with-a-story

Louise & Chris Rogan.jpg

Louise & Chris Rogan

Father and daughter duo. Stunning vocals, great self-penned songs


Still Reeling

Energetic and varied dance music from talented local ceilidh band

Wet the Tea.jpg

Wet the Tea

Acclaimed band of energetic multi-instrumentalists with Irish roots, playing jigs, reels and music from other influences

Harp and a Monkey.jpg

Harp & a Monkey

Exciting folk-rock-acoustic band with stories to tell using great instrumentations all inspired from the depths of Lancashire


Pelican babies

Well-crafted fine songs, lovely vocals,  accompanied by guitars, harmonica and , amazingly, digeridoo


Caffrey, McGurk, Madge

Inspired interpretations of traditional and contemporary folk songs, with polished harmonies and choruses

Gerry & Harry.jpg

Gerry Ffrench & Harry Lowrey

Great songwriting, delivery and accompaniment with more than a touch of Liverpool


Tacklers' Tales

Lancashire-focused songs, poems, dialect and yarns with great humour and music

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