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These pages aim to keep a record of what you might have seen and what you might have missed! Watch the Home, Concerts & Edgworth Festival pages to make sure you don't miss anything in future!!

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July 2023
Janice Burns & Jon Doran.jpg

Janice & Jon

Based in the North East, Janice Burns & Jon Doran are an Anglo-Scottish duo who formed in 2017 after discovering a shared love of traditional music. They find their songs in archives that span the depths of our history. With crystal clear voices and lovely accompaniments on mandolin and guitar. Their compelling storytelling comes alive through tight vocal harmonies and sensitive interplay between mandolin and bouzouki, with arrangements that balance intricacy with energy. Their dynamic performances are a celebration of their own musical and geographic backgrounds, embracing the differences that connect them.

Celia Ketchell and Rosie Clegg, solo artists in their own right, have formed the group Hazy Jane, playing contemporary folk and Americana songs.  Celia writes and sings entertaining songs and plays the piano keyboard and guitar.  Rosie plays guitar and banjo in the Appalachian style. Together their harmonies make a great sound. This promises to be a great night.

Hazy Jane 1 pickers.jpg

Hazy Jane

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