In 2019, Folk at the Barlow (formerly Bromley Cross Folk Club), celebrated its tenth anniversary of making great Folk Music and Song in Lancashire. Many thanks to all the artists who have sung and played for us, and to the support acts that have entertained us.

Guest Artists 2020

Tacklers Tales

Jack Rutter

Vicki Swan & Jonny Dyer (Zoom)

Guest Artists & Events 2019

Nick Hart

Gerry Ffrench & Harry Lowery

Jim Causley

Drop the Floor

Melrose Quartet

Mary Humphries & Anahata

Hannah James

Caffrey, McGurk, Madge

Wayward Jane

Daoiri Farrell

Bernard Wrigley

The Road to Peterloo

Guest Artists 2018

Gary & Vera Aspey

Granny's Attic

John Conolly

Johnny Coppin

Vicki swan & Jonny Dyer

Caffrey, McGurk, Madge

The Wilsons

Kathryn Roberts & Sean Lakeman

Nick Dow

Brian Peters

John Kirkpatrick

Guest Artists 2017

Caffrey, McGurk, Madge

Bernard Wrigley

Jess & Richard Arrowsmith

Jackie Oates

Bob Fox

Chris & Siobhan Nelson

Scold's Bridle

Lucy Ward

Siobhan Miller

Oldham Tinkers

Stanley Accrington


Guest artists 2016

Saggy Bottom Girls

Sid Calderbank


The Wilsons

Dave Townsend & Phil Humphries

Winter Wilson

Drop the Floor

Keith Kendrick & Sylvia Needham

Peter & Barbara Snape

Peta Webb & Ken Hall

Blast from the Past

Guest Artists 2015

Stanley Accrington

Mark Dowding

Jim Causley

Greg Russell & Ciaran Elgar

Melrose Quartet

Mary Humphries & Anahata

Dearman, Harrison, Gammon

Vicki Swan & Jonny Dyer

Duncan McFarlane Trio

James Findlay Band

John Kirkpatrick

Guest Artists 2014

Nine Tenths Below
Bernard Wrigley
Steve Turner
Dave Burland
Brian Peters
Young 'Uns
Archie Fisher
Trio Threlfall
Nick Hennessey
Martin Carthy
Jez Lowe & Kate Bramley


Guest Artists 2013


Ed McGurk and Nick Caffrey

Will Kaufman

Lady Maisery

Peggy Seeger

John Connolly

Keith Kendrick and Sylvia Needham

Nancy Kerr and James Fagan

Gilmore and Roberts

Oldham Tinkers

Guest Artists 2012

Bernard Wrigley

Pilgrim's Way

Dave Townsend/Phil Humphries

Askew Sisters

Young 'Uns

Mark Dowding/Sid Calderbank

Peter and Barbara Snape

Crucible Trio

Chris Sherburn/Denny Bartley

The Wilsons

John Kirkpatrick

Guest Artists 2011

Jez Lowe

Vicky Swan And Johnny Dyer

Jim Causley

Antony John Clarke Band

Barry and Ingrid Temple

Geoff Warner

Trio Threlfall

Martin Wyndham Read/Iris Bishop

Damian Barber/Mike Wilson

JACS Alive

Bella Hardy and Chris Sherburn

Guest Artists 2010

Steve Tilston

Three Sheets To The Wind

Mary Humphries/Anahata

Scold's Bridle

Belshazzar's Feast

Young 'Uns

Nick Hennessey


Spiers and Boden


Doc Harvey And The Philistines

Guest Artists 2009

John Kirkpatrick

Bernard Wrigley

Trio Threlfall

Steve Turner

Brian Peters/Gordon Tyrrell

Martin Carthy

Pete Coe

Tom McConville



10th Anniversary Showcase 4 Jan 19

Having a bit of a dance

Geoff in full voice

The audience in the beautiful Barlow Main Hall with the all-important Raffle Box

Photos and Memorobilia from 10 years of great folk music

Anniversary cake by Liz

An assemblage of musicians

Jamie back in action

A grouped finale

vicki & jonny.jpg

    17 July 2020      Virtual Live Concert and a chance to meet

Vicki Swan and Jonny Dyer   

Visit  or click pictures for a taster of their music 


Vicki and Jonny gave Folk at The Barlow a fabulous concert on Zoom from their home studio. This was our first Zoom concert and they were exactly the right people to host it for us. 

  • Vicki and Jonny have the technical know-how, the equipment and energy to make a Zoom concert as near the real thing as possible. With a plethora of instruments and careful choice from their enormous and varied repertoire, they gave us a wonderful evening’s entertainment of great music and song. Thank you so much from everyone at Folk at the Barlow.

Some comments from our audience :

  • Amazing. such an incredible sound, even over zoom.

  • What a superb concert! Almost like the real thing!!

  • Thanks for a really lovely concert, brilliant

  • Really enjoyable. Worked really well, and as Jonny said better to be on zoom than nowhere.

  • Fab concert, loved it!

  • This gig was very slick and I really enjoyed it.

  •  I really appreciate the time, skill and effort you have gone to get great sound for us. Thank you! Mixing Desk Enjoy! Have really enjoyed it!

  • Many thanks for all the effort you put into last night's event. It was well worth it!  What a talented duo.

  • Thank you for last night's fabulous online gig

  • It has been a wonderful concert. Thank you for organising it!!

  • fantastic, thank you!

  • Fabulous concert. Thanks everyone. :-)

  • Absolutely loved it! Thank you x

  • Agreed - brilliant evening. Thanks to one and all involved!


email  if you want to contact us

vicki and jonny.jpg

Fri 18 September 2020  The Jaywalkers 

Our second online concert via Zoom featured Jay (on fiddle and guitar) and Mike (on guitar and melodeon) of the Jaywalkers. An exciting and enjoyable concert from the Jaywalkers showing great musicianship and inspiring arrangements. Rounded off by a welcome group chat and catch-up.

"Jaywalkers are a real melting pot of their collective inspirations and the influences of their musical upbringings. This is evident in their live sets which come to life in their use of Country heartbreak and Bluegrass dynamism applied to issues of the modern day and life as a touring band"

 "Folk at the Barlow is alive and well."


This was certainly the case on Friday 16th October when a fabulous concert was enjoyed by all as Reg Meuross zoomed in. Reg is a prolific singer/songwriter, a real troubador and as well as performing two great sets, he found time to include a few particular requests including ,"The shoreline and the sea" and "The band played sweet Marie."

He then stayed on for a bit of a chat giving some expert advice about songwriting.

Reg is a fine wordsmith and is able to conjure up thought¬provoking and sincerely felt songs from the most unlikely sources; from a broom cupboard in the House of Commons to an imaginary meeting between Dylan Thomas and Hank Williams!


No Reg Meuross concert would be complete without an appropriate anthem for the time and he duly finished with "England Green and England Grey" and his latest widely acclaimed offering, "Shine On", a fitting tribute to the NHS workers.


So shine on Reg, we had a great evening.

Friday 16 October 2020
Reg Meuross Virtual Concert
Reg Meuross.png