2022 CONCERTs  

2023 Concerts

Concerts are on the third Friday of each month, starting at 8:00pm, doors open at 7:30pm

The usual format is a 40 minute support act of excellent quality followed by 2 x 45 minute spots by the main act which will often be of National acclaim. In May we have a "double-header". While the audience are checking in there is music from the House Band - you are welcome to bring an instrument and join in.

Tickets are £10 each. Email folkatthebarlow@gmail.com to purchase tickets

20 Jan 23   Drop the Floor with Karin Grandal-Park

High energy Irish Traditional Music of exquisite skill from three Lancashire lads and a Scotsman, we welcome back Richard and Drop the Floor. Guitar, Uileann pipes, banjo, fiddle, all at the top of the game on their instruments.

Return for Karin after her fabulous voice wowed us at the Festival.

Drop the Floor.jpg
Karin Grandal-park.jpg

17 Feb 23   Jackie Oates & John Spiers with Pelican Babies

Oates & Spiers, two of the leading musicians on the Folk scene today, meld together in a multi award-winning duo. Lovely English traditional folk tunes and songs with beautiful voices and acoustic instruments,

...together with...    Pelican Babies featuring acoustic guitars, harmonica and digeridoo

Pelican Babies.jpg

17 Mar 23  Scold's Bridle with Yesterday's Men & Gerry Ffrench

21 Apr 23   Phoebe Rees & Ben Robertson with MALpractice

19 May 23   Nick Dow and Steve Johnston & Catherine Ashcroft

16 Jun 23   Caffrey McGurk Madge with Chris & Siobhan Nelson