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12th Edgworth Folk Festival Fri 6 - Sun 8 Oct 23

Save the dates and watch this page for details of when tickets will be available

Artists appearing so far :

All@Sea Shanty Crew
Stanley Accrington
Corrie Shelley
Nick Dow
Mark Dowding
Tom Perry/Clive Brooks

The Riot Band

Nick Mallion

LocTup Together



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LocTup Together

Chris Lock and Ian Tupling first met 27 years ago and have been on one long musical adventure ever since.

LocTup Together’s repertoire is quite varied and encompasses both traditional and contemporary songs, some self-penned and a few humorous ones thrown in for good measure, however, over the years they have developed a deep interest in and love of maritime songs in the broader sense, This has taken the form of mainly sea songs that tell stories, with the odd shanty thrown in.

It is this interest in maritime-themed songs that has taken them to festivals all over Europe.  They have performed in Poland, Germany, France, The Netherlands, Ireland, the Channel Islands,


All@Sea get such a buzz from singing together. They perform shanties and sea-songs with gusto and feeling and there will be choruses! as well as great harmonies. All@Sea have sung at festivals and events in Keswick, Oban, Arnside, Teignmouth and Staveley, so riverside, lakeside or seaside works for them.... or next to a bowling green..... in Edgworth..


Stanley Accrington

Stan emerged from the dark days of the late 1970's and has been terrorising the cultural world ever since. He has written hundreds of songs in a range of styles on a vast range of subjects. There are old-style songs on current   happenings and modern style songs on ancient events. There are poems, pastiches, parodies, and possibly anything pertinent.  Apart from the silly and very silly material,    Stanley has always been writing serious songs to confuse the situation further.

Stanley has been performing all over UK and occasionally beyond at a wide variety of locations and events.

The pigeonhole to put this stuff into is "miscellaneous-ish"


Caffrey McGurk Madge

Nick Caffrey, Ed McGurk and Robin Madge have delighted audiences with their own take on traditional and contemporary folksong since becoming a trio. With their good humour and informed understanding of the song subjects, they instill their particular flare for harmony, fine musicianship, thoughtful arrangements and enthusiastic performance making each song a joy to hear. Their music been described as traditional, contemporary and self-penned song performed at its very best.


Corrie Shelley

Corrie is a folk singer-songwriter from Lancashire, who has  recently rediscovered the joy of songwriting and performing after a 30 year break. She now has he has  3 albums and an EP under her belt.  Her songs take us on a     journey of random thoughts, fuelled by copious cups of sweet 'builders' tea, which transport us to 17th century scenes of Lords and Peasant girls, 18th century pirate ships ‘The Whydah' which sank 300 yrs ago, into the 19th century covering wars, mining tragedies and affairs of the heart.

 nd not a minute too soon.

 Nick Dow

Nick is a great folk singer with a well-earned national reputation. He has performed at numerous folk clubs and festivals. Nick has an encyclopedic knowledge of traditional folk songs and material from the travelling community but this doesn’t confine his musical taste to that genre - he also has is own blues band. Nick was also a former presenter of BBC Radio Lancashire “The Drift” – our own regional folk programme. Nick is back on the folk scene after a number of year’s absence

 Mark Dowding

A stalwart of the Lancashire folk scene for many years, and a popular and regular performer at The Barlow, Mark is a fine singer and multi-instrumentalist on   guitar, banjo and concertina. He has recorded his own CDs and collaborated with many other performers to promote the rich heritage of music and songs of     Lancashire. His repertoire includes a wide range of traditional and contemporary songs,  featuring material from Harry Boardman and the Manchester Ballads, through classic songs from the Music Hall era to the seriously funny songs of Jake Thackeray.


Tom Perry & Clive Brooks

Tom & Clive have been performing together at folk clubs and festivals since 2011, and are well known for fine solo singing and performances with various other groups. Their repertoire, which is delivered a cappella, consists of traditional songs and contemporary pieces written in the traditional vein. Most of our songs have choruses and audiences are encouraged to join in.


Nick Mallion

One of Edgworth’s finest songwriters, as well as being an accomplished guitarist, researcher and story-teller. Nick is a member of the trio Watch the Wall, but is also a fine performer in his owm right. He has written some great songs which are being performed and recorded by other artists


The Riot Band

The Riot Band return for the festival ceilidh with their unique blend of Lancashire, English, Celtic and American folk dance music. Probably Lancashire’s most successful and enduring ceilidh band. Foot-stompingly good.

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